When Clean
Really Counts

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II. Lormar Main Page

III. Utility/Power Customers

  1. Fluid Reclamation/Conditioning
    Case Histories:
    1. Start-up Lube Oil Conditioning / Reservoir & Day Tank Cleaning
    2. Emergency On-line Oil Conditioning-Turbine Oil
    3. Heat Transfer Fluid Reclamation-HTF
  2. Reservoir & Tank Cleaning
    Case Histories
    1. Reservoir & Day Tank Cleaning / Start-up Lube Oil Conditioning
  3. Waste Treatment
    Case Histories
    1. Sludge Treatment, API Separator Draining & Clenaing
    2. Waste Oil Treatment
    3. Pipeline Cleaning Waste Fluid Treatment

IV. Manufacturing/Industrial Customers

  1. Oil Purification/Conditioning
    Case Histories
    1. Oil Reclamation Service-Manufacturer
    2. On-line Oil Conditioning-Aluminum
    3. Recycled Cutting Oil Conditioning-Automotive
  2. Metalworking Coolant Purification - Central Systems
    Case Histories
    1. Improved Performance and Reduced Downtime-Automotive
    2. Improved Workplace Air Quality & Working Conditions-Aerospace
    3. Problem Resolution and Technology Evaluation-Aerospace
  3. Waste Fluid Treatment

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    Case Histories
    1. Waste Coolant, Oily Wastewater and Waste Oil Treatment-Aerospace
    2. Waste Oil Treatment-Aluminum
    3. Waste Coolant Treatment-Wates Oil Treatment-Automotive

V. U.S. Map/Lormar Serviced Sites

VI. Contact Us