When Clean
Really Counts

C. Waste Coolant Treatment-Waste Oil Treatment-Automotive

Client Situation: A major automobile carburetor manufacturer in the Midwest generated thousands of gallons per month of spent, contaminated, metalworking coolant. Considerable disposal costs were incurred when disposed off-site, and previous attempts to treat on-site were not effective.

Lormar Solution: Lormar provided on-site ultrafiltration services to treat the client's waste coolant on a temporary, as-needed basis for more than 2-years. Treated wastewater met stringent requirements for on-site sewer discharge to the local MWTP. The by-product of the service, a complex, viscous, oily emulsion, was treated by Lormar and resulted in clean, recyclable oil, and ultrafilterable water. The client learned enough by observing Lormar's process to develop an effective, in-hose treatment program.

Immediate savings were realized because the service cost half as much as off-site disposal. The client was able to learn enough to establish a waste minimization program that resulted in a greater than 99% reduction in off-site waste fluid disposal volume.