When Clean
Really Counts

A. Oil Reclamation Service-Manufacturer

Client Situation: A large aluminum extrusion company in Texas saves drained, water and solids contaminated lube oil for periodic reclamation by Lormar. The oil, drained from reservoirs and skimmed from extruder pits, typically contains up to 15% emulsified water, another 10% free water and ~1% solids.

Lormar Solution: Lormar reclaims the oil as needed when the client's 5,000-gallon dirty oil tank is nearly full. Lormar's personnel work around the clock until the oil has been restored to an ISO 14/11 or cleaner condition with total water content below 150ppm. Reclaimed oil is transferred into the customer's clean oil tank. Solid contaminates are transferred into a container for class #2 waste disposal, and separated water is transferred for re-use in the quench pit.

Total Cost including 400 miles transportation is one-third the cost of new oil.