When Clean
Really Counts

B: Improved Workplace Air Quality & Working Conditions-Aerospace

Client Situation: A major airplane manufacturer in the Midwest experienced a significant build-up of tramp oil and solids in an 80,000-gallon coolant central system. Excessive levels of tramp oil and swarf caused unacceptable "plant smoke" problems and contributed to an uncontrollable, foul smelling bacteria buildup. Plant personnel complained about the smoke and odor while management was challenged to maintain high production output.

Lormar Solution: Lormar reclaimed the client's central system on a side stream basis "as needed" and eliminated the need for a single shutdown or dump over a 4-year period. Lormar's process reduced tramp oil to below 0.6% (6 tenths of 1%), and total suspended solids to below 250ppm. The removal of tramp oil, swarf and other solids eliminated the plant smoke and odor problems. Improved coolant quality allowed for effective biological control.

Employee complaints are minimized, parts finish and tool life are improved, and production is maintained, all for less than replacing the coolant.