When Clean
Really Counts

B. On-line Oil Conditioning-Aluminum

Client Situation: A major aluminum company's rolling mill in Texas experiences gradual build-up of water and solid contaminates in the 3,500 gallon hot mill central lube system. Because 25% of the system's oil is contained in pipes and cylinders outside the reservoir, shutting down, draining, and re-filling, does not achieve acceptable results.

Lormar Solution: Lormar provides on-line conditioning services on the system twice per year as a preventative maintenance measure. Lormar processes the oil in the system on a side stream basis while it is in operation eliminating the need for downtime.

Because the volume of the system is "turned over" 8 times through Lormar's process, oil in the entire system is restored to a cleaner than spec (ISO 14/11) condition, not just the 75% of fluid in the reservoir.

Total Cost including 750 miles transportation is half the cost of new oil.