When Clean
Really Counts

C: Problem Resolution and Technology Evaluation-Aerospace

Client Situation: A major Aircraft Engine Manufacturer on the East Coast with a 20,000-gallon coolant central system unexpectedly experienced oil emulsion problems with their oil rejecting, synthetic coolant. Increased tramp oil contamination caused odor problems, increased tool breakage problems, reduced the effectiveness of the filtration system and required significant additions of coolant concentrate and biocides to maintain acceptable performance. A solution was needed that would give the company time to determine the cause of the emulsion problem within this dynamic system without the need for a dump.

Lormar Solution: Lormar processed the coolant to a "like new" condition by removing the emulsified oil within 48 hours while the system continued to operate. Odor, tool breakage, filtration, concentration and biocide usage problems were immediately resolved by removing the contaminating oil. Restoring the system to a "like new" condition enabled the client to systematically evaluate the possible causes of the emulsion problem while avoiding dumps. Subsequent Lormar visits over a one year period afforded the client the opportunity to diagnose and correct the root cause of the emulsion problem, without the need to dump after changes were made. Lormar's process performed so well the company obtained a system of their own.

Considerable lost production and tooling costs, and 3 dumps were avoided, an effective technology was proved in-plant, and the clients knows that problem resolution is only a phone call away