When Clean
Really Counts

A. Sludge Treatment, API Separator Draining & Cleaning

Client Situation: A large Nuclear generating plant in Texas operated a 20,000-gallon, API Separator that required semi-annual cleaning to remove accumulated sludge and solids. Only 8 hours of shut-down was allowed in which the system had to be drained, cleaned and inspected for liner leaks. Former methods of cleaning required thousands of gallons of sludge be hauled off-site at considerable expense.

Lormar Solution: Lormar developed a novel technique of servicing the separator that eliminated to need for off-site disposal of any sludge. Within the 8-hour time slot, the separator was drained, cleaned and inspected. Next, Lormar transferred oil and solids-free water back into the separator, transferred the oil to the client's waste oil tank, then solidified and encapsulated the sludge so it could be disposed at the client's on-site land-fill.

A novel solution involving different technologies that reduced costs while eliminating disposal, liability and paperwork.