When Clean
Really Counts

B. Waste Oil Treatment-Aluminum

Client Situation: A major aluminum mill in the Midwest generated hundreds of thousands of gallons per year of a solids contaminated, watery, oily waste stream from their polymer based wastewater treatment process. Because the oil contained 6% solids and 25% to 40%, water that wouldn't separate with heated settling, waste oil disposal cost was significant.

Lormar Solution: As needed, Lormar processed the oil to remove solids and water to not more than 3% so it could be recycled. From this expensive liability, Lormar was able to recover valuable oil that was either sold or picked-up for free, and water that was recycled at the plant. Usually, only 6% to 10% of the original volume required paid disposal. After 2 years and millions of gallons of on-site treatment experience, the client developed enough expertise to establish their own treatment program.

Millions of gallons of waste was converted into a commodity and in-house expertise was obtained, all while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.