When Clean
Really Counts

Lube Oil Purification/Conditioning

Oil Conditioning Systems are employed to restore contaminated high-spec fluids from hydraulic and lubricating systems to a condition that exceeds the requirements of control valve and pump manufacturers. When employed on operating systems, the entire system is purified not just the fluid in the reservoir. Contamination related problems like excessive wear, stuck valves, plugged pipes, control failures and equipment downtime are eliminated by "total system" purification. Lormar equipment can be utilized with the system in operation resulting in no down-time.

Lormar employs proven, on-site techniques to increase fluid service life and reduce waste disposal volume. Lube purification can be performed for 50% to 90% less than the cost of oil replacement. The added benefits of reduced disposal volume, costs, down time, improved purity, and extended equipment life are the major advantages of Lormar services.