When Clean
Really Counts

A: Improved Performance and Reduced Downtime-Automotive

Client Situation: A major aluminum wheel manufacturer in the Midwest experiences a build-up of smaller than 8 micron solid contaminates and tramp oil in a 60,000-gallon coolant central system. Contaminate levels require increased coolant concentration levels and cause wheel staining and finish scratching during high speed machining. "Just In Time" manufacturing makes shutting down the system to replace the fluid costly and difficult to schedule.

Lormar Solution: Lormar processes the coolant central system on a side stream basis and removes the tramp oil and non-filtered solids without the need to dump the system. Within 120 hours, tramp oil is typically reduced to less than 0.5% (5-tenths of 1%) and total suspended solids are reduced from more than 1,000 ppm to a few hundred ppm. No downtime is required to solve the contamination problem and restore the entire system to a "near new" condition. Separated oil is transferred to drums for recycling and solids are recycled with the metal chips.

Lost production and waste disposal costs are avoided at considerable savings.