When Clean
Really Counts

A. Reservoir & Day Tank Cleaning / Start-up Lube Oil Conditioning

Client Situation: Numerous Utilities require their turbine and auxiliary lube systems to be started-up at the cleanest condition possible after an outage. The following lube oil conditioning and system cleaning technique has been completed by Lormar on hundreds of projects at power plants nationwide.

Lormar Solution: First, Lormar cleans the day tank or other temporary storage tank by removing accumulated water, solids and other contaminates. Lube oil is then drained into the day tank. Solids and liquid contaminates are then removed from the inside of the reservoir by vacuuming and squeegeeing. The inside walls, pumps, pipes and bottom of the reservoir are then rinsed down with a high-pressure blast of hot clean oil. No waste rags or lint contamination of the system results from Lormar's technique.

The original oil is then reclaimed back into the reservoir at a "cleaner than spec" condition. The oil is then heated to 160° F and the lube system's pump started. The heated oil "thermally shocks" the lube supply system and improves the oil additive's ability to remove built up varnish, sludge and other contaminates. The oil is then processed on a side stream basis continuously until the entire system has been purified to an ISO 14/11 or cleaner condition.

The utilities have the confidence that trained professionals are responsible for insuring their systems are started at the cleanest condition possible at a fraction of the cost for oil replacement.