When Clean
Really Counts

A. Waste Coolant, Oily Wastewater and Waste Oil Treatment-Aerospace

Client Situation: A major aircraft manufacturer in the Northwest generated an average 60,000-gallons per month of waste coolant and other oily wastewater that had required costly, off-site disposal. The company was challenged to drastically reduce waste disposal volumes and costs, yet did not have the in-plant personnel or expertise to establish an efficient waste minimization program.

Lormar Solution: Lormar installed and operated an in-plant oily waste fluid treatment system that immediately reduced off-site, oily wastewater disposal volume by more than 85% at 1/4th the cost of disposal. After Lormar's dual stages of treatment, water was much cleaner than required for discharge to the local, very stringent, MWTP.

Lormar next established a treatment program for the remaining 15% oily emulsion waste stream that resulted from the initial treatment process. Lormar's technique converted this complex, 50/50 oil-water emulsion into three phases: On-site treatable and disposable water, recyclable oil that contained less than 5% BS&W and a 15% persistent solids/rag layer.

After a one-year training period, the client purchased Lormar's system and assumed operation of the waste treatment operations.

Immediate, impressive and in fact, award winning results were achieved while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in costs. The time consuming, costly, and sometimes difficult process of evaluating, purchasing, then learning how to operate new technologies was avoided.