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Really Counts

Lormar provides on-site oil reclamation, coolant reclamation, system cleaning and waste minimization services to manufacturers and utilities nationwide.

We dispatch experienced technicians that arrive at your facility with the most effective technologies available to reclaim oils and metalworking coolants, and to treat waste fluids.

Since 1985 our proven experience, in the successful treatment of millions of gallons of industrial oils and wastewater, has provided our clientele the cost effective solution to fluid contamination problems that translates directly into improved bottom-line performance.

Utility/Power Customers
Oil Reclamation/Conditioning
Reservoir & Tank Cleaning
Waste Treatment

Manufacturing/Industrial Customers
Water Glycol Hydraulic Fluid Reclamation
Oil Purification/Conditioning
Metalworking Coolant Purification - Central Systems
Waste Fluid Treatment

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