When Clean
Really Counts

Water Glycol Hydraulic Fluid Reclamation:

Lormar Results You Can Expect:

Extra protection for your major investment in critical equipment

Start systems at the cleanest possible condition

Avoid unscheduled outages

Drastically reduce bearing wear and control valve sticking problems

Reduce expensive fluid replacement and disposal costs

Lormar’s Process Purifies Fluid to Cleaner Than New

Common methods of water glycol purification are limited in their ability to adequately restore the contaminated fluid to an acceptable condition. Most companies revert to the most costly method of fluid management which is simply draining the contaminated fluid and replacing it with new.

The technology Lormar utilizes removes all forms of contamination from water glycol hydraulic fluids. Wear metals, dust, dirt, varnish, sludge, free oils and emulsified forms of Tramp Oil are also removed. Since the fluid is restored to a level of cleanliness that exceeds new fluid purity, reclaimed fluid may in fact provide better results.

Lormar Restores Original Physical Properties of Fluid

Purification of water glycol however is only a part of the process of reclamation. Lormar will perform tests to insure that the fluid’s physical properties have also been restored to that of new fluid. Lormar will replenish the additive package that is lost through evaporation. The critical properties of Fire Resistance, Reserve Alkalinity (corrosion inhibition), pH, Wear Resistance and Viscosity will also be returned to that of new fluid.

System Cleaning & Flushing Procedure

If the entire system is not completely drained during change-out, a volume of contaminated fluid can remain that will immediately begin the cycle of degradation. Prior to a typical start-up, the reservoir is drained and cleaned to remove accumulated silt, sludge, varnish and gels. The inside walls, pipes and bottom of the reservoir are rinsed with a high pressure blast of filtered fluid to remove dust, lint, and other residue. Reclaimed fluid is then returned to the reservoir. The system’s pumps are cycled several times to flush the entire system with the super clean fluid. Fluid in the reservoir is then re-circulated on a side-stream until the flushed debris has been removed from the entire system. Lormar’s procedure significantly reduces the amount of time required for a fluid flush during outages and results in exceptionally clean systems.

Actual test results of samples analyzed by independent laboratory

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